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I.'ve had eczema on my fingertips since I was a child and have not found anything that controls it. I have tried steroids, but I try not to use it as much because it thins the skin. I have tried multiple moisturizers, but usually they leave a residue (Eucerin, Aquaphor is greasy) or aren't moisturizing enough. Chau's formula eczema is exactly what I've been looking for! It doesn't leave a residue and it moisturizes perfectly. Not to mention, the more I use it, the better my eczema gets.

Chrissy C.

Great service! Very accommodating and will take an extra step to figure out your problem.I've been dealing with eczema for sometimes now and have been referred to this office. Dr. Chau is not only kind, but very professional with her work. She gave me alternatives and options for my skin. Highly recommend this to everyone. Great service plus products. Will definitely be coming back.

Jennifer H.

I came in and was pleasantly surprised at the cozy nature of the office. The couch in the waiting room was very comfortable. The staff was great, as I entered they asked how I could be helped. Music playing in the background is great as I've been clinics where it's just very quiet. Quite a pleasant experience!

C L.

I've had unresolved issues with my skin for years and could never find a product that truly targeted my main issues. I have combination oily/dry sensitive skin with a history of eczema and mild acne. After filling out the cosmeceutical assessment form provided on the pharmacy website, Chau, the owner and pharmacist, sat with me and gave me a very thorough consultation, discussing my skin's needs and what she thought would benefit my skin the most. The cream she compounded for me used the restructuring moisturizer that she developed herself along with a natural exfoliating agent and so far, after 5 weeks of nightly use, I've seen an improvement in not just the texture of my skin, but the overall appearance as well. My skin before had been oily in some areas and dry and patchy in others. Now, my facial skin is moisturized and soft throughout. I can't say enough about the benefits of having a specific product compounded with just the ingredients needed for my specific skin type. Chau also works with your budget and she is very student friendly! Thank you Pleasant Care Pharmacy!

Joanne R.

Thank you for the wonderful advise. Glad I found your business. It's rare to find a business owner that will go out of the way to be so kind.

Carson B.